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Play and Learn
Wordspie is an addictive word search game. The game presents to you 8 letters in each level. Keep forming words using those letters till you complete a level. You complete a level by earning points needed to complete the level in the provided time. You earn points by forming words having 3 or more letters. Each letter carries a point and the points you earn with a word is the sum of those individual letter points. 

See it in action

  • Improve your word search skills
  • Around 30000+ unique levels
  • Increase your Prowess and earn badges as you play
  • Time based challenges
  • 1000 coins and 20 gems to start with
  • Improve your vocabulary

You also have powers to help you complete the level. You have 2x, 3x and hints for your help. With 2x power you get double the points for a word and with 3x you get 3 times the points.
Hints are offered in an interesting way which makes the gameplay more addictive.
The games becomes challenging with each level. 
Your playing skills are reflected in the Prowess index which the game calculates based on your word search skills.

Increase your Prowess as you play and earn badges